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beast hunter

I was channel-hopping when I ‘met’ this guy, the beast hunter. For someone who watch National Geographic channel occasionally, I have to admit, I didn’t mean to watch the whole episode at first place. I was actually had a crush-at-first-sight on the TV host! Yup, you heard me, I had a crush on Pat Spain!

But worry not, both the host and the show/program are good! I managed to stay focused and watch the entire episode, which happened to be its second episode of the series; Nightmare of the Amazon. Definitely rooting for this Beast Hunter series after this!

Beast Hunter: Ep 1: Wild Thing – African Dinosaur (Mokole Mbembe)NBST5103


I’m actually pledging to myself that I’ll keep the words as minimum as I can, so that’s it! Go watch your Nat Geo channel now and stay tune to Beast Hunter!


how can you not like this guy? 😉



i love cool pics and music :)

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